Name: David

Country: Chile

Age: 23

Languages: english (fluent), español (native), learning italian

Surgery count: 4

Interests: biology, history, wildlife, horror, paleontology, languages, theology, anthropology, old internet, mythology, speculative evolution, kaijus.

Favorite Movies: Inland Empire, No Country for Old Men, Beau Is Afraid, Creep 2, Spirit, Marquis, Alien, Predator, Carrie, Possession, Donnie Darko, Frankenstein’s Army.

Series I like: Twin Peaks, BB/BCS, King of The Hill, Oniisama-E, Serial Experiments Lain, Pingu.

Collections: postage stamps, cans, CD's, dinosaur figures, art, books, marbles, anything about horses, pegasi & unicorns.



Fleetwood Mac - Seven Wonders
Current goals for 2023 (hopefully)

-save money for a camera because I want to take birdwatching more seriously and my phone isn't good enough for pictures.